Monday, 15 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 7 & 8

This 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge is hosted by Good Books and Good Wine.

Day 7: Talk about your blogging quirks.

I don't know if I have any quirks. 
  • Ummm, I don't schedule posts, I write them either when they are due (for tours, reveals, memes etc) or when I feel like it. 
  • Further to that, I keep a record of what tours, blitz, reveals etc I will be participating in on a calendar and create the post on the day, rather then schedule the post when I receive the information.
  • I don't auto anything really. Everything I put up on social media I do manually (and when I remember).
  • I tend to write longer reviews for books I didn't like as there are points I can discuss and I've made more notes. Yet I struggle discussing the good in a book I enjoy as I'm too busy enjoying it that I don't take notes.  
  • I write my thoughts on a book in a notepad before I start wording my review in a post. 

Day 8: Quick! Write 15 bullet points of things that appeal to you on blogs.

  1. Design. I like clean, organised designs. If it feels cluttered I won't return. 
  2. Style. Easy to read font, and colours. White on black, yellow on brown etc, I can't focus on what I'm reading - the whole point I'm there.
  3. Variety. I like to see different things such as discussions, excerpts, promotional posts etc, and not just reviews as, unless I've already read the book, I only look at the rating and overall thoughts and not read the review because I don't want the book spoilt for me.
  4. Easy navigation. If I want to follow you, or search for something I don't want to be looking all over the place trying to find it because things haven't been put in a organised way. 
  5. Silence. I don't like loading any page (blog or website) and be forced to listen to music or a video etc. I won't return. It's a pet peeve of mine. I hate going to a site and not only having the music come on, but then not be able to find a way to turn it off. 
  6. Review Archives.  If I like your review of a book, then I'd like to go back to your other reviews and see what you thought of ones I've read and am yet to read. 
  7. Personality. I like to see you come through in your blog. 
  8. Regular Updates. I know that it's not always possible, but if a blog continues to take breaks (as in a few weeks apart) or doesn't post for a while, I lose interest. 
  9. Opinionated. I love blogs that say what they really think and take a stance on controversial topics. 
  10. Varied Reviews. If all the reviews are positive 5 star reviews your blog isn't for me. As per the point above, I like your honest opinion, negative reviews are good reviews too.
  11. Other ways to follow. While I have GFC on my blog, personally GFC isn't good for me to follow a blog through. I don't want to be bombarded by emails from every blog. I like other options, such as Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin. 
  12. No Captcha. There are other ways to stop spam. If I comment and have to do captcha there's a big chance I just don't comment at all. 
  13. Not just words. I like posts, especially long posts, to have a picture in to break up the words. Even if it's just the cover of the book in a review, or a photo of the stack of books you got and not just a list of them. 
  14. Links. If you are going to talk about a book, link it to Goodreads. If I like the sound of the book and I want to add it or look further into it, I like the convenience of a link. Sometimes I'll just forget it and not bother to follow it if there is no link. 
  15. Ratings. Sometimes I don't want to read the full review as I'm yet to read the book, but I would like a general idea of what they thought and ratings do that just fine. 
Needless to say, good grammar and spelling. It irks me when published books have grammatical and spelling errors, I doubt I'm going to love your blog and be a regular visitor if your grammar and spelling is poor. Typos I can over look. ;)


  1. I seem to have a harder time writing a review for books I love too. I almost feel like I don't have words big enough to do it justice! It's much easier to write reviews for mediocre books and point out the what worked and didn't work.

    We share several opinions about what makes a blog appealing. I hate when I can't find the follow buttons or having to enter a captcha.

    Donna @ The Happy Booker

  2. #14 <--- YES!!!! I hate going back to Goodreads and try to figure out which book it was just so I can put it to my TBR list :(
    Awesome points!


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