Tuesday, 9 July 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 1 &. Day 2

Late to join, but I've seen all the great posts from many people joining the

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge from April, Good Books and Good Wine, that I thought I'd just join late anyway. =)

Day 2 – Bedtime Reading Routines

I don't really have a bedtime reading routine. I have a tendency to read in my office chair as my desk is in the lounge room, and the chair is really comfortable plus I can lean back in it and I put my feet up on the end of the sofa (you can see the end of the sofa in the photo) which makes it a super comfy place to read. 
Generally its just my son and me at home in the evening so we have showers, dinner and watch some tv (or I do uni work, blog posts, reading, etc and my son watches tv) then when he is in bed, I keep doing what I was doing before. Normally it then gets late (much later than I wanted it to be) and I go to bed and read before going asleep. Depending on how exciting the book is I will read for 30 mins or for too many hours. 
I don't always get to read at night. Sometimes I'm up really late doing uni assignments and I just want to sleep and not read at all. 

Day 1: Make 15 book-related confessions.

1. I'm a sucker for a beautiful book cover. Most of the time I over look books that don't have covers that catch my attention. Any book that I have read that doesn't have an eye catching cover I picked up because I already love the author, or it was something that I've seen bloggers rave about. 

2. I have run out of bookshelf space. My bookshelf is full and my books are currently piling up on any flat surface in my lounge room. I don't want to buy new bookshelves until we buy after we move (if we ever find a house we want to buy!) because I want to make sure the bookshelves I get will fit and suit the house. My husband doesn't understand this and is frustrated by it. haha. 

3. I like my books (and CD's and DVD's) in alphabetical order, but because I don't have enough shelf space (for books, CDs and DVDs may I add!) nothing is in alphabetical order and it drives me crazy. 

4. Despite having an ereader and an iPad, I still prefer physical books. I like being able to see what's on my shelf and see my 'collection' in physical format. I also forget what's on my ereader and overlook all the books that there because they aren't constantly 'in my face'.

5. I use to only read adult books. I 'discovered' YA books last year and haven't looked back. 

6. I don't re-read books. I don't forget stories very easily. I can read part of a book then go back to it months later and finish it. I find that because I don't forget the stories much that I get fed up re-reading a book. The only book I have re-read is To Kill A Mockingbird and the only reason I re-read it was it was originally a school read and then when I finished school years later I bought a copy and read it again. 

7. I don't lend out my books. I can't stand dog ears for bookmarking pages, or broken spines, etc. If I purchase a book new I want it to stay in as good a condition as possible. 

8. I don't write my reviews straight away. I'm shocking at writing my reviews after I have read a book. Sometimes it takes me months to do so. Life just gets in the way. =(

9. No close friends know I blog. My husband and my mum know I blog but that's it. I don't want people I know personally to read what I write (yeah, I know, I'm odd). 

10. I must read the book before I see the movie. Unless I'm not overly interested in the book. When I saw the movie trailer for The Hunger Games I really wanted to see the movie, so I got a copy of all three books and read them back to back over 3 days. I didn't even do my uni assignments until I finished the books. I only had one day to write one full assignment. lol. I have avoided watching Warm Bodies, Beautiful Creatures and The Silver Linings Playbook until I read the books. 

11. I also judge the movie based on the book I've read. I hated the changes that were made to The Hunger Games movie, and My Sisters Keeper (and others). I criticise the movie to no end, even if I like the movie.

12. I rarely DNF books.  If I'm feeling pushed for time and I'm not liking the story, I'll DNF, but once I start a book I normally feel like I have to finish it. It's not a guilt thing, it just a 'finish what you start' thing. 

13. I never use to take notice of authors. I always remembered the title of a book, but not the author. Now they go together and any negative actions by the author affect how I view the book. ie. I won't read it. 

14. I often read multiple books at once. See #6. I have no problem with confusing stories or forgetting what happens. Most of the time I just get fed up with a book and want to read something else so I do. I am currently reading 4 books but I haven't read anything from 2 of them for a few months now. 

15. I'm not a fan of love triangles, insta-love or bad boys. I don't care if the girl "changes" the guy because it's not realistic. If the girl is an idiot then I don't care either way. I prefer a romance to develop not to be a lusty crush. 

So there are my confessions. =) I think I'm the odd one out on some of these. :p

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