Monday, 20 August 2012

All Things Evil......

.....and stop me reading and posting!!

Hello my lovelies. 

I didn't do a Stacking the shelves as I only got one book, so I'll just had that to this weeks lot instead. 

Normally I'd have a review or something awesome to post but not today my friends. I'm not so much in a reading runt as so much in a jam. Let me explain....

At first I was like this

Thanks to limited time to read due to the university coursework I need to complete. It's not easy trying to get uni work done, and have a nearly 4 year old full of energy running around the house at the same time. It's times like this I wish we had a proper back yard. Add to all that my husband works long hours. Now this is me 
when hubby tells me that he needs to work afternoon/evening/night for the next 3 days (being Wednesday, Thursday, Friday just gone), leading him to sleep throughout the daytime (therefore Thurs, Friday and Saturday). On top of that we lost a most of the day Sunday going to the other side of town because he left his wallet at the depot there the day before. An hour there, an half an hour to wait for security to open the gate and an hour back, not mentioning the shopping on the way home. 

On top of all that, my number one book I have been anticipating - Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff - that I was able to get through netgalley, isn't a file that can be loaded onto my kindle.  

So to be able to read it I have to sit in front of my laptop. I hate reading things on the computer screen. If anyone has any idea how I can put it on my kindle please, PLEASE tell me. I've read 12 pages. That's 4%. I want to read it, all of it. So far it sounds like a book I wont want to put down - that's a good thing, I like that. I really do want to read it, but it's hard yards at the moment with only being able to read it on the computer. *Sigh* 

 I have been reading Grace Unexpected by Gale Martin but I'm struggling with that too. I thought I would have finished it quickly (and be able to post the review!). It is on my kindle, and it's not the book, it's just me. I'm a fussy one when it comes to Chic lit books and this one isn't making me want to pick the kindle up to read. I'll finish it, but I need something else right now that is a bit more fast paced - so I started Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire. I've read 10% and I have around 30 highlights in it already - notes about things I don't like or I am questioning. I can see it is going to be one of those books that makes me frustrated.

This is why I don't have any reviews (yet) and why I haven't posted much, which makes me sad. And I just want to do this

But that's not very productive. 

Now I have to go and get some course work done and an assignment started. 
I was hoping some of the lovely books I ordered would turn up today but they haven't. I'll be posting for Teaser Tuesday and WWW Wednesday and trying to finish Grace Unexpected so I can have a review for Thursdays post. So stay tuned! 

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