Sunday, 14 April 2013

Apology & Weekly Wrap Up April 8th to 12th

I just want to apologise to you all. I didn't post a wrap up or have much interaction at the end of last week as I went away Friday to Sunday and it was a super long drive Friday and Sunday (13 hours driving each day) and a full on day Saturday. I just didn't get time to do much on the blog other then the scheduled posts I organised before I left, which didn't include a wrap up post as I thought I'd be back early enough in the evening to do it, but we weren't so I had to miss it.  

I thought I'd be able to get back to all the comments and do reviews and more posts for the blog this week, but I've been sick with an awful cough which has been keeping me from sleeping much at night and making me feel rotten in general. So I've been super tired and still had to look after my son. Unfortunately I just didn't feel up to commenting and reviewing. As you can see on the left side bar I have quiet a few reviews I need to post. I will be posting Reboot's review tomorrow (Monday) but I'm not sure when I get to do the others as I have 2 major assessments for uni due soon and thanks to going away and being sick I'm now behind with that as well. 

I'm starting to feel better and hopefully I'll get more sleep tonight so I can respond to comments and get some reviews written tomorrow.

In addition to the review I'll post tomorrow, I have some blog tour posts coming up on Monday, Tuesday and Friday so I hope you'll all drop by throught the week. 

Thank you for supporting me and still stopping by and leaving comments the past week and half. You are all super awesome. 

This past week on the blog...

Saturday 12/4

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