Thursday, 8 August 2013

Bookish Talk #1 - TBR pile

I have been wanting to do more discussion posts on here and since I don't have anything to usually post on Thursdays it seemed fitting to start today. I'm hoping to make this either a weekly or fortnightly thing. If you want to join in you can either do your own post on your blog (if you have one) and leave a link in the comments, or let us know what you think in the comments.

I should be working on the uni assignment due tomorrow but I keep seeing my started pile of books and wanting to read them instead. So in honour of the TBR pile I have, today's topic is:

What books are you either currently 'in the middle of' reading, and/or have on hand to read soon. 

Well I have start a few recently. I wasn't really getting into any of them (not in the mood for them) so I just kept starting new ones. 

Right now I'm currently reading: 

Living Dead in Dallas -  page 20 
Warm Bodies - page 117
Banish - page 28
Vampire Academy - page 78
My Life Next Door - page 36 


Under The Dome is one I wish to start soon. Preferably after I finish a few of the others!

I was reading My Life Next Door before I started 3 of these but it was a library book that I had to return. I have since ordered it and now I'm waiting for it to arrive so I can finish it. 
Crown of Midnight I started while my husband drove us out to dinner last night! 

Admittedly uni is taking up more of my time and I'm finding it harder to find time to read. I also feel like I'm forcing myself to read some books (namely ARC's) because they need to be read by a certain time....... but that's another topic, maybe. 

So, is anyone else as bad as this, or is it just me? Come on guys join in, I'd love to hear your answers! Also if you want to suggest topics you can send me an email or leave it in the comments. :) 


  1. I'm pretty bad at this stuff too :/
    But I'm actually watching Under The Dome TV Show that they made and I'm definitely going to read the book afterwards. I'm sure there's gonna be a lot more details.

  2. I am currently reading Indelible by Dawn Metcalf and it's very hard to get into this Lady's writing. I just can't get into it, but I don't want to put it down though because the plot is interesting.


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