Sunday, 23 December 2012

Weekly Wrap-up

A week recap of all the posts are listed below. Make sure to drop by and comment! 
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Book Blast: Blood Oath by T.L. Clarke + Giveaway

Top Ten Books I Read In 2012

Book Blast: The Silver Sphere by Michael Dadich

Book Tour & Excerpt: The Gaze by Javier A. Robayo

Cover Reveal: Wrecked by Alyssa Rose Ivy

Book Blast & Excerpt: Cursed by Lynn Ricci

Cover Reveal: Running On Empty by L.B. Simmons


Last Sunday I was suppose to post the discussion questions for the Eye of the World Read Along hosted by Anya and Nrlymrtl
I have been wanting to read this book all year and as soon as I saw Anya was having a read along I thought it was my chance to get it read. 
Now you'll also see on the left side bar that I have three reviews still to write. 
The reason I haven't posted the discussion questions (or reviews) is because I have been having problems with my eyes. 
I've been to the optometrists twice in the last two weeks. Long story short, I have very fatigued eyes. I have been trying to rest them and limit computer use in the hope it gets a bit better. Of course this means that I haven't gotten much reading done nor reviews. I'm hoping to catch up on the read along this week and post last weeks discussion questions this week some time, as well as join in the discussion next Sunday (30th). 
I'm also hoping to get some of the reviews done and posted this week too. 
I just wanted you all to know the reason I haven't done more on the blog (review and discussion wise) over the last couple of weeks. I have also been a little slack on responding to comments and this is why. I do still need to limit computer time but with my new glasses things are a little better. 


A early Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all get what you wish for. I can see some of the presents under my tree and I know they are from the Book Depository so I'm excited to see what hubby has picked out. Tune in to next weeks Stacking the Shelves to see what they are! 

I hope you all have a amazing holiday season! 

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