Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Books/Authors I'm Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic discusses what Ten Books/Authors I'm Thankful For. 

 Authors I'm thankful for:

1. Ann M Martin - for the Baby Sitters Club series that fed my reading as a young girl.

2. Michael Ende - for writing my favourite book The Neverending Story

3. Stephen King - for all the great books I read through my teenage years.

4. Anne Rice - for the introduction to vampires and witches

5. Patricia Cornwall - keeping me entertained with her Scarpetta crime series during my twenties 

6. JK Rowling - for the Harry Potter series that got me back into reading

7. JK Tolkien - for The Hobbit and introducing me to the fantasy world

8. David Eddings - for his fantasy creations

9. Sophie Kinsella - for her humourous books that always cheer me up

10. Suzanne Collins - for The Hunger Games and introducing the YA world to me

And for a bonus:
To my mum for encouraging and sharing my love of reading.

To my Uncle for introducing the Harry Potter series to me - he was laughing when he told us what he was reading on the train to work each day and sent me The Order of Phoenix which started me onto the series. He laughed about it because he was around 50 years old when he started reading them. 

And, my husband for putting up with my excessive books and need for peace to read them. =)

 What is your top ten this week? Leave me a comment so I can visit yours. =) 

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  1. Sophie Kinsella! Yes! She is always good for a laugh! I need more books from her. I've read everything.

    I'm thankful for Anne of Green Gables. That book started my love affair with reading.

  2. I have Harry Potter and The Hunger Games on my list too and for the same reasons. And yes to The Hobbit and LOTR, they are some of the best fantasy reads.

    I love your story about your uncle. The magic of Harry Potter really transcends all ages. :D

  3. Great list! I grew up on Sweet Valley High/Twins rather than The Babysitters Club but they're such staple features of the period xD

    Tolkien also made it to my list this week =)

    Here's my TTT this week =)

  4. I also chose Ann M. Martin! She helped make me a lifelong reader! Great list!

  5. We have three same picks (king, Tolkien, Rowling). Shame on me - still didn't read 'The Never-ending Story' *blush* And from Anne Rice I only read some kinky bdsm about Sleeping Beauty, it scared me from reading more of her books. LOL

    Dragana @ Bookworm Dreams
    Top Ten Authors I'm Thankful For...

  6. Love Stephen King. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  7. Suzanne Collins is amazing!! Love her.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Harry Potter! For sure :D And I also love King's works.


  9. Sweet list. hunger games is on my list too! great picks! Check out our TTT ~ Katie @ Inkk

  10. I love that Ann M. Martin is #1 on your list :) I <3 BSC.. definitely fueled my love of reading when I was a kid!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Michele | TTT


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