Friday, 22 June 2012

Twilight Saga

Author: Stepheine Meyer
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company
Genre: Young Adult - Romance, Paranormal

Instead of putting my reviews seperate for these books, I'm going to put them all here.
Just briefly, overall these books were a quick easy read, but I wouldn't read them a second time.



I've given it 3 stars, but its more a 2.5 star.

Read from April 28 to May 01, 2012

I'm torn. I've never come across a book that I loved and loathed at the same time. That I really couldn't put down, then wanted to throw it across the room out of frustration.
It's hard to pin point what I liked - the story flowed, had my attention, and was a page turner - except where it wasn't.....
If I ignored the things that irritated me, just glossed over those details when they were mentioned (and tried to put them out of my mind), I was able to enjoy reading the book.

New Moon


Read from May 08 to 14, 2012

(Review to come - accidently removed off Goodreads. :(  )


Read from May 19 to 22, 2012

I disliked this book more then the first two. I can't pinpoint why, I was just less impressed. It felt like a lot of reading without much of a story. The main part I remember after reading it was Bella making Charlie's dinner - because it was mentioned.... all the time.
Don't get me wrong, there were some good bits. Bits that made me turn the pages, that kept me interested. I just can't shake the feeling of dislike after finishing this book.
Unlike Twilight, Eclipse hasn't left me wanting to read the next one. It's like the story has been dragged out enough that there is no need to read the next one.

Breaking Dawn


Read from June 01 to 05, 2012

I actually wasn't going to bother reading this one, because of Eclipse, but this was better then the first three in the series. It was much more interesting and Bella didn't grate on my nerves like in the previous ones. I was a little disappointed in the ending as I was hoping for the Voultri to be taken down, or at least damaged to some extent. (Maybe Bella too). Other then that, this was a much better book then previous and more enjoyable.

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